MU9999 Best Max Style Mu Online Season 17 Part 2-2 Opening 22.JUNE

MU9999 is a new gaming project based on easy settings and fun gameplay! New Season 17 Part 2-2 Elf renewal with new skills: Dex Booster, Raining Arrow, Focus Shot, Holy Bolt. New pet Shining Tail is here as well as new Characters GunCrusher, Lemuria Mage, White Wizard new skills, items, and wings for it!

The server is reopening, which means old donators have their donation coins back, and can be used again on new S17P2 server!

Server Opening time: 22.June 18.00 Server time! Or check the countdown on the website.

[UTC +2, 17.00-Poland]
[UTC +8, 23.00-Philipines]
[UTC -3 12.00-Argentina]

Mu9999 MU Online Season 17 Part 2-2 ELF Renewal
Max Style X99999 Server
Grand Opening Saturday 22. June
Free starting items for all players

*Lucky Set lvl2 +15 /startergift
*Soul Weapon +10%EDR (in inventory)
*New Pet Shining Tail /shiningtail


Pets gift: Type /buffme to gets Pandas/Skeletons/Deamon/Guardian Angel
Free zen: Type /getzen and you will get 250kk zen in your inventory

Xshop: Each level player gains, gives one Goblin Point, GP shop (press X ingame) has Wings, Jewels, FO weapons

Mu Online Season 17 Episode 2 Custom Mu9999 Elf Renewal
Experience rate for Regular/Master/Majestic: X9999
Points per level: 10, 5ML, 5Majestic per level
Reset: From 400lvl, Stats stays, command /reset
Reset costs: FREE
Reset reward on the website: 20Wcoins
Maximum level 400+1050 master

Custom RESET BUFF, more resets, more power!
0-100 Resets: No Buff
101-250 Resets: 10% Damage and defence and HP buff
251-500 Resets: 15% Damage and defence and HP buff
501-750 Resets: 20% Damage and defence and HP buff
751-1000 Resets: 25% Damage and defence and HP buff

New pet Shining Tail and Rare Shining tail

New map: Kanturu Underground

NPC Shops sells: Wings, Jewels, Excellent sets, Excellent Weapons, Mithrils, Accessories

Drop: High drop of boxes that drop excellent/Ancient items

Maximum stats: 32000

Spots: All maps

Goblin Point system: Stay Online, Do Events, and Kill bosses to get GP, with them you can buy buffs, pets, Wings!

Max stats: 32000





Published by Admin 24/08/2020

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