Mu9999 super easy fun style max server network is Opening a new Noreset project on 3.FEBRUARY Join the opening event with hundreds of online players to rush for top levels, maps and bosses! Server configuration is made so that players would not need months to reach a maximum level 1500, it is made to fun and super easy!

All characters are born with a maximum 4th class and all quests are completed, all players need to do is level and gear up!

Opening Times: 3. FEBRUARY
[UTC +2, 18.00-Poland][UTC +8, 24.00-Philipines][UTC +7, 23.00-VIETNAM][UTC -3 13.00-Argentina]


1lvl Lucky set + FO Pendant with command /startergift

2lvl Lucky set can be claimed after reaching 1500 level! command /iam1500

Version: Season 18 Part 1-3
Experience: X9999
Points per level: Standart 5/7
Resets: DISABLED, Max Level 1500
Master/Majestic level: 3Points per level

Spots: There are small spots (3-4 monsters) on all maps with, 1 hotspot (4-6 monsters) on every map as well!
Starter equipment for all players: Free gift for players: Mini wings + Lucky set 1 lvl in inventory
Events are set to start every 1 hour, join them, hunt maps for mini and big bosses, or just farm to good items! Players can get Wcoins (for the game) from hunting mini-bosses!

3D Camera settings: Client Zoom out/Zoom in function: Shift to rotate, Mouse Scroll to zoom out/in, F6: On/Off, F7 reset, F8 Hide UI

PVP system, the project has PVP and NONPVP servers, each server capacity is 500 players, extra sub-server is opened when the server reaches 80% capacity

Experience rate: X9999 for Regular, Master, Majestic Exp, PPL Standart 5/6/7

An extra drop of pets (Pada, Skeleton, Deamon, Guardian Angel, Unicorn) are added, they are dropping all maps starting from Devias. Wings 1 and 2 level drop is added in Icarus, you can farm these wings there!

Drops on All maps:
Pets: Panda, Skeleton, Pet unicorn, Demon, Spirit of Guardian
Silver, Gold medals: FO items
Box of Luck: Jewels
Goblin Treasure boxes: Jewels/Exc items/Anc items
Top Maps: Ruud Boxes

Earn or Spend Wcoins
Xshop: Buy or Gift Buffs, Pets, Seals
Offtrade: Sell your items to other players while being offline
Personal store: Sell your items to other players for Wcoins
Offlevel system: Free for 12Hours, VIP 24hours!


Mu9999 Season 18 Part 1-3 Update in progress server back on 3hours! New client download will be required!

Download the game from the download section: Download Mu9999

[NEW] Brilliant (8th) Mastery Weapons and Shields
[NEW] Apocalypse (9th) Mastery items
[NEW] Crismon Apocalypse Sets
[NEW] Ignis Volcano Map
[NEW] Ignis Volcano Regular and Elite Monsters
[NEW] Illusion Night Jacquard Muun
[NEW] Artifacts System
[NEW] Artifacts Chaos Mix
[NEW] Boss Battle Event
[NEW] Renewed Imperial Guardian Event From 1000lvl
[NEW] Max Master level extended to 1100
[MOD] Renewed Decomposition System
[FIX] MuQuest system has been remade to support all existing quest types and system functionalities

Server will be updated to Season 18 Part 1-3 in next few days! All chars account saved! 
We are accepting migration from MaxMuOnline, if you had donation on Maxmuonline, it can be transfered to Mu9999! To get playpoints make write on FB message!

New updates have been aplied to the server, to play run launcher.exe to get the latest client update automatically, or download manual patch HERE and extract over old client

Fixed issue where monster path was wrongly calculated what could lead in "empty" attack issue giving feeling of "lag"
Fixed issue where last hit given to dying monster was not displayed
Fixed issue where Muun Defense Increase option was not displayed under "C" window
Fixed issue where Bond skill remained active within party range while players stayed on different maps
Overall performance improvement
PVE balance Updates
PVP balance updates

New updates have been applied to the server! To play run Updates.exe
Free Wcoins - Each level gives one Wcoin
Free GoblinPoints - 1Minute Online 1GP
PVP updates, more balances to Classes
VIP rewnewed, claim your VIP rewards again, /vipbrozne /vipsilver /vipgold /vipplat /vipdiamond


New update has been applied to server with the latest bugfixes and improvements to server gameplay! To play run launcher to get update or download THIS and extract over old client!

[FIX] Fixed Reset Buff
[Added] 4th Wings for GoblinPoints
[Added] Jewel of Ancient for Wcoins
[Added] Wcoins Elites in Kanturu Underground
[FIX] Fixed issue where kill of a monster could result in invalid Top Hit Damage player or lack of it
[FIX] Fixed issue where specific options were not working on new mastery fairy shields
[FIX] Fixed issue where Mu Online Holy Bolt Strenghtener skill did noit apply a damage
[FIX] Fixed issue where Defense in game client displayed incorrectly
[FIX] Fixed Game Client crash

And more issues repoorted by players!


MU9999 is a new gaming project based on easy settings and fun gameplay! New Season 17 Part 2-2 Elf renewal with new skills: Dex Booster, Raining Arrow, Focus Shot, Holy Bolt. New pet Shining Tail is here as well as new Characters GunCrusher, Lemuria Mage, White Wizard new skills, items, and wings for it!

The server is reopening, which means old donators have their donation coins back, and can be used again on new S17P2 server!

Server Opening time: 22.June 18.00 Server time! Or check the countdown on the website.

[UTC +2, 17.00-Poland]
[UTC +8, 23.00-Philipines]
[UTC -3 12.00-Argentina]

Mu9999 MU Online Season 17 Part 2-2 ELF Renewal
Max Style X99999 Server
Grand Opening Saturday 22. June
Free starting items for all players

*Lucky Set lvl2 +15 /startergift
*Soul Weapon +10%EDR (in inventory)
*New Pet Shining Tail /shiningtail


Pets gift: Type /buffme to gets Pandas/Skeletons/Deamon/Guardian Angel
Free zen: Type /getzen and you will get 250kk zen in your inventory

Xshop: Each level player gains, gives one Goblin Point, GP shop (press X ingame) has Wings, Jewels, FO weapons

Mu Online Season 17 Episode 2 Custom Mu9999 Elf Renewal
Experience rate for Regular/Master/Majestic: X9999
Points per level: 10, 5ML, 5Majestic per level
Reset: From 400lvl, Stats stays, command /reset
Reset costs: FREE
Reset reward on the website: 20Wcoins
Maximum level 400+1050 master

Custom RESET BUFF, more resets, more power!
0-100 Resets: No Buff
101-250 Resets: 10% Damage and defence and HP buff
251-500 Resets: 15% Damage and defence and HP buff
501-750 Resets: 20% Damage and defence and HP buff
751-1000 Resets: 25% Damage and defence and HP buff

New pet Shining Tail and Rare Shining tail

New map: Kanturu Underground

NPC Shops sells: Wings, Jewels, Excellent sets, Excellent Weapons, Mithrils, Accessories

Drop: High drop of boxes that drop excellent/Ancient items

Maximum stats: 32000

Spots: All maps

Goblin Point system: Stay Online, Do Events, and Kill bosses to get GP, with them you can buy buffs, pets, Wings!

Max stats: 32000





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