Mu9999 Update v2 added

New update has been applied to server with the latest bugfixes and improvements to server gameplay! To play run launcher to get update or download THIS and extract over old client!

[FIX] Fixed Reset Buff
[Added] 4th Wings for GoblinPoints
[Added] Jewel of Ancient for Wcoins
[Added] Wcoins Elites in Kanturu Underground
[FIX] Fixed issue where kill of a monster could result in invalid Top Hit Damage player or lack of it
[FIX] Fixed issue where specific options were not working on new mastery fairy shields
[FIX] Fixed issue where Mu Online Holy Bolt Strenghtener skill did noit apply a damage
[FIX] Fixed issue where Defense in game client displayed incorrectly
[FIX] Fixed Game Client crash

And more issues repoorted by players!


Published by Admin 06/07/2022

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