Updates V11 + NoReset server test

Fixes on this version V11

Fixed inability to repair earrings
Fixed inability to upgrade earrings level at Chaos Goblin Mix
Fixed Personal Store coins deduction issue
Fixed defense bonus for wearing full non-ancient set
Fixed Elite SD Potions does not increase SD to 100% on second potions use
Fixed attack speed option from selection of Transformation rings
Fixed guild join request protocol
Fixed mastery option change was processed when no options set was found


New NoReset MAX Style server will be opened 18.June! (new servers does not impact old Reset server, plus old players from Reset server will be able to use their VIP status on new NORESET server) An account is one for both servers! (can not be logged in both servers at the same time)

Beta testing for few days will start in few hours! After beta all Items/Charcters/Guilds will be deleted! Beta testers who provide decent bug report will be rewarded on server start!

This new Max style NORESET server is one of the FIRST in the world! The server that provides classic gameplay on the latest Season 16 server files! More news server details, as well as huge advertising campaign, will be started soon!


Published by Admin 04/06/2021

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