Update V6 on MU9999

New updates have been made, to get the latest patch run Update.exe from game client, or download manually HERE

New Custom VIP signs, Castle siege winner sign, and Ice Walley winner sign!

Unlimited Wcoins for free, just level master level and get 1 Wcoin per 1 master level!
Socrhed Canjon elite mobs gives 2000-5000 ruud after killing, spawns every 60minutes
Wings of power can now be traded and put in personal store
Kundun gives now 3000-6000 ruud per killing
Kundun, Medusa now has spawn location announced, as well as kill notification, as well as 20second imortality shield after spawning
Fixed party exp bug
Bonus event, 4 times a day, Double exp for 1h: Start time: 02:00; 08:00; 14:00; 20:00
Fixed mithril fragment drops, now drops all maps strating from Acheron
Xshop added 2nd Lucky tickets for Wcoins


Published by Salvis 24/12/2020

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