Updates v3

New updates have been applied to the server! To play run auto-update or download manual patch HERE

Updates on Anger Blow skill for DK, skill nerfed, DK class PVP rebuild!
Updated Plasma skill for GunCrusher
Added manticore excellent item drop in Anril Temple
Fixed Mastery Upgrades
Limited max socket count to 3 on excellent socket necklaces
Fixed Personal Store
Fixed Offtarde
Fixed channel change system
Fixed Gun Crusher skills not working in Offline levelling
Fixed inability to add 4th tree points to anger blow enhancement
Fixed knight combo does skills for all classes, guide HERE
Fixed mastery shield mixes max option
Fixed not working guardian elite options
BC status increased HP
Conqueror wings made in Moss Merchant are not tradable, Badge can be traded

Published by Salvis 03/12/2020

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