MU9999 Updates

Hello MU9999 players, a new big update has been made, and a new patch is required to play! To get it automatically run MU9999 Update from your data folder or download manually HERE

List of changes:

SUB3 and 4 are now NOPVP
Changed new DK skills damage in PVP PVE
Punish damage now is added in PVE cap 150k
Added back /teleport
Added new warps to Barracks, Refuge
Arena is now NONPVP and VIP
Fixed third earrings creation mix
Fixed ancient item level/class requirements
Fixed HP visual issue after pressing CTRL+F  
Fixed custom currency for new personal store
Fixed selection of options not working on the new personal store
Fixed selection of items cannot be equipped by gun crusher
Fixed inability to change mount skin while riding multiple mounts at a time
Fixed not working Solid Protection skills, regular and third mastery (4th to come in next update)
Fixed selection of skills, sword blow, sword anger, strong belief, bursting flare
Fixed possible "flushing" icon of sword's fury buff
Fixed selection of mastery mixes
Fixed random maps are being assigned with battle zone status
Fixed Excellent Socket Necklaces not coming with excellent options when rewarded from Monster Soul system
Fixed excellent socket accessory issues (now max socket is 3 on such)

PVP settings are not final, we are overlooking the game PVP state and adjusting it with every update!


Published by Salvis 30/11/2020

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