MU9999 Best Fast Mu Online Season 16 Server

MU9999 is new gaming project based on easy settings and fun gameplay! New Season 16 is here as well as new Charcter GunCrusher new skills, items, wings for it! Gunrusher is new Rnage Type chracter and uses Wepon: Gun!

NPC shops offers a lot variety of items to boost fast gemeplay! Will be opening X99999 server at 20.NOVEMBER. This is a new server based on an easy setting, fast levelling and a lot of rewards ingame!

Server Opening times: Or check countdown on website.

[UTC +2, 16.00-Poland]
[UTC +8, 22.00-Philipines]
[UTC -3 11.00-Argentina]

Starter gift: Lucky Set tickets 1lvl + Skelton Ring + Pet Skeleton (use command /startergift)
Start pets gift: Type /buffme to gets Pandas/Skeletons/Deamon/Guardian Angel
Free zen: Type /getzen and you will get 100kk zen in your inventory

Server Location Singapore!

Mu Online Season 16 Episode 1 Custom Mu9999
Experience rate for Regular/Master/Majestic: X9999
Points per level: Standart 10
Reset: From 400lvl ingame with command: /reset Stats stays
Reset costs: 1 milj zen
Reset reward: 10Wcoins and 1000 Ruud
Extra reset rewards: Each 50-100 resets, check list HERE

Maximum level 400+900 master

NPC Shops sells: Wings, Jewels, Excellent sets, Exellent Weapons, Mithrils, Accesories

Drop: High drop of boxes that drops excellent/Ancient items

Maximum stats: 32000

Mu9999 Reset rewards: Each 50 Resets custom item, FO, Jewels, Pets

Spots: All maps

Goblin Point system: Stay Online, Do Events, and Kill bosses to get GP, with them you can buy buffs, pets, Wings!

Max stats: 32000


Dark knight, Dark Wizard Elf, Summoner, Rune Wizard, Slayer, GunCrusher = 5 Points per level
Magic Gladiator, Dark Lord, Rage Figher, Grow lancer = 7Points per level
Third Skill Tree point per level per character class, and Forth Skill tree points = 2 for all classes



Published by Salvis 24/08/2020

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