A new update has been added to the server, to play run launcher to get client patch automatically! Or download patch HERE and extract over Mu9999 client!

GunCrusher can wear wings of destruction (MG 4th level wings)

Fixed Socket count drop for pentagrams
Fixed detection skill does not show players
Fixed battle Mind skill for Slayer
Fixed Weakness and Innovation
Fixed elemental def option does not reflect in 'C' window
Fixed no sound for some users
Fixed Bloodangel Shield coming with no excellent options when purchased from Ruud Shop
Fixed selected mastery mixes not working
Fixed Exp bar issues
Fixed Socket Bonus options do not work with Excellent Socket Accessories
Fixed Barrage for Death Scythe Enhanced
Fixed Solid Protection buff cause fps drop in certain scenarios
Fixed Greatness Mastery skill effect
Fixed party auto-accept issue
Fixed inability to re-join party in a certain scenario
Fixed move to Battle Zone while in party
Fixed Solid Protection Enhancement skill not working properly
Fixed Exp Multiplier display info
Fixed Triple Shot Enhancement skill barrage count
Fixed not working properly Pentagram "DEF Added to elemental def + 5%" option
Fixed Off Traders do not get disconnected when the personal store gets emptied


ADDED: 09/02/2021

New updates has been made, to play run launhcer or download manual patch HERE and extract over old client!

PVP updates V3 added to game, Fixed 60k punish damage! A lot changes on GunCrusher.

Fixed selection of mastery item mixes not working
Fixed Mithril Fragment element gets broken upon Divide
Fixed regular level above 400 display in 'C' window
Fixed New personal store same item prize conflict
Fixed Taxes collection for new Personal Store
Fixed Ice Break skill attack area and barrage
Fixed Gun Crusher damage calc and not working wizardy damage
Fixed invalid miss of attack in specific scenarios
Fixed Solid Protection accumulating Life/Damage issue
Fixed Guardian Item Upgrade option count, Ghost Horse with 3 or more normal options will get minimum 2 nortmal options on Ice Dragon
Fixed not working pentagram option, "DEF added to Elemental DEF +5%"
Fixed Dark Plasma Enhanced barrage display when skill 1002 (DMG Count +1) is active
Fixed Deathside Enhancement skill invalid damage/barrage
Fixed Horn of Dinorant attack speed increase option
Fixed Haste skill formula
Fixed Innovation and Weakness PvP skills not working
Fixed soul sharing within Party while completing Monster Soul collection mission
Changed wings conqueror created from badge name to Wings of Moss

ADDED: 19/01/2021

New updates have been made, to get the latest patch run Update.exe from game client, or download manually HERE

New Custom VIP signs, Castle siege winner sign, and Ice Walley winner sign!

Unlimited Wcoins for free, just level master level and get 1 Wcoin per 1 master level!
Socrhed Canjon elite mobs gives 2000-5000 ruud after killing, spawns every 60minutes
Wings of power can now be traded and put in personal store
Kundun gives now 3000-6000 ruud per killing
Kundun, Medusa now has spawn location announced, as well as kill notification, as well as 20second imortality shield after spawning
Fixed party exp bug
Bonus event, 4 times a day, Double exp for 1h: Start time: 02:00; 08:00; 14:00; 20:00
Fixed mithril fragment drops, now drops all maps strating from Acheron
Xshop added 2nd Lucky tickets for Wcoins


ADDED: 24/12/2020

Fixed animation for of slayer skills (not visible for other players)
Updated Slayer PVP damage, and other class adjustments for PVP
Fixed socket items for personal store
Fixed ancient items issue in the personal store
Fixed Guardian Mount creation mix
Fixed Pentagrams Trade limit for Personal Store
Fixed guardian items disassembly                          
Increased Goblin Points rate per minute

ADDED: 16/12/2020

New updates have been made, to get the latest patch run Update.exe from the game folder or download manually HERE

Added Client Zoom out/Zoom in function: Shift to rotate, Mouse Scroll to zoom out/in, F6: Off, F7 reset, F8 Hide UI
Fixed RF Dragon Roar skill
Fixed level display problem in 'C' Window, character selection screen and after character reset
Fixed HP Recovery option issue at excellent socket necklaces
Fixed Solid protection Helper issues
Fixed new Mastery Shield option not working


ADDED: 09/12/2020

New updates have been applied to the server! To play run auto-update or download manual patch HERE

Updates on Anger Blow skill for DK, skill nerfed, DK class PVP rebuild!
Updated Plasma skill for GunCrusher
Added manticore excellent item drop in Anril Temple
Fixed Mastery Upgrades
Limited max socket count to 3 on excellent socket necklaces
Fixed Personal Store
Fixed Offtarde
Fixed channel change system
Fixed Gun Crusher skills not working in Offline levelling
Fixed inability to add 4th tree points to anger blow enhancement
Fixed knight combo does skills for all classes, guide HERE
Fixed mastery shield mixes max option
Fixed not working guardian elite options
BC status increased HP
Conqueror wings made in Moss Merchant are not tradable, Badge can be traded

ADDED: 03/12/2020

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