Disconnected from server

If you are disconnected from the server,

  1. Check website: https://muasia.net if the server is online, shows the green status bar.
  2. Check our FB page if there is maintenance or updates going on

MuAsia hosting is located on a service provider that has a strong anti-ddos system, it can ban IP for a few days when a player:

  • Pings hosting ip abusively
  • Uses third-party applications
  • Players PC is infected and has already blocked by server hosting company

This can not be unblocked by server administration, because it is blocked by our hosting.

What to do?

Try to use any VPN, if you still can't connect, your internet is:

  • Your internet provider/school/workplace is blocking ports, you won't be able to play from that.
  • Your internet connection is too slow and unstable, you won't be able to play from that.

Published by Salvis 28/08/2020

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