Freebies and Reset rewards guide

Game freebies: 

  • In game type: /startergift to get Lucky Tickets for Set
  • In game type: /getzen To get zen
  • In game type: /buffme to Get brown panda, Deamon, Devil pet
  • Player starts with weapons +10%DMG rate and 1lvl Wings

Custom reset rewards:

Reset 50: Jewel of Excellent (FO)
Resets 100: 50'000 Ruud Box + Jewel of Level
Resets 150: 50'000 Ruud Box + Jewel of Excellent (FO)
Resets 200: 2x 50'000 Ruud Box + Jewel of Excellent (FO)
Resets 300: Lucky tear 2 Set tickets
Resets 350: Conqueror Badge
Resets 450: Ring OF Block FO
Resets 550: Angel & Devil Wings
Resets 650: Ring Of Block FO
Resets 750: Neclese of agony FO
Resets 850: Ring of Ultimatum FO
Resets 1000: Gold Fenrir


To claim these rewards after reaching necessary reset count type: /reward50 /reward100 /reward150 /reward200 ....

Can be claimed one time!

Published by Salvis 16/11/2020

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